Hello Friends!

We are excited! Today marks the official Iphone App Store launch of our mission which is to help you verbally keep in touch with family and friends...more often...in less time. 

Yes. We want to help you actually talk to real humans on the phone. Lol! 

We live in an era where people are busier than ever. Sending a text message and checking in on family and friends through social media makes us feel more connected and doesn't take much time. But are we truly more connected in a meaningful way? While those are great options they cannot take the place of actually speaking with someone and hearing their voice.

We believe that hearing someone you care about smile or laugh, no matter where they are in the world, is invaluable. We believe that hearing someone say I love you does more for your mental and emotional wellbeing than a heart emoji ever could. We believe that maintaining meaningful ongoing verbal dialogue with family and friends is the most valuable "networking" we could ever do. And we believe that those things and more can be accomplished without taking too much of your time. 

That is why we created 5 For Friends. We can not wait to hear your stories of connecting and reconnecting through the use our technology. When you feel like connecting and you have as little as 5 minutes simply Go Live For 5! 

Scott Speed - Founder & CEO