The “I’m reluctant to call my friends because they are busy” Friend

"5 For Friends" Use Case Scenario Series  

From speaking with users we’ve learned of many cool uses for 5 For Friends. In our “5 For Friends Use Case Scenario” blog series we hope to provide you with some compelling reasons to Go Live For 5! 

The “I’m reluctant to call my friends because they are busy” Friend


Can you relate to this persons plight?  They are a very busy career and family oriented person and they understand the rigors of juggling both. However, they also have several family members and friends who they think about often and about how they speak to them less and less.  Yes, it’s nice to get the greeting cards and text messages around the holidays but they are starting to feel more and more disconnected from their past and it just doesn't feel right.

This person often pleasantly thinks to themself, “I should call Gwen this evening to see how she and the family are doing”. But then it happens. Their mood changes, their reluctance kicks in, and they instantly think, “But she’s probably tired from work all day and busy with the kids…so I’ll just send a text”. And just like that, another opportunity to nurture or maintain a friendship is lost. But we have a solution!

The Solution

A text is quick and easy but it can never replace hearing your friend or loved ones smile through the phone.  That verbal communication conveys an emotional feeling of satisfaction that a text, email, or social media comment will never match.

The 5 For Friends app is a solution because we take the guesswork out of connecting!

Here is all you need to do:

1.     Install 5 For Friends and invite all your friends to the same.

2.     Tap “I Got 5” when you feel like talking.

3.     A notification will go out to all of your connections in the app.

4.     Sit back and wait for a friend from anywhere in the world who is available to call you through the app for free. 

5.     Have a meaningful 5-minute conversation that allows you to keep in touch without the worry of being away from your other responsibilities too long.

Don't be the “I’m reluctant to call my friends because they are busy” friend. Avoid this scenario by downloading and sharing 5 For Friends with the people you care about today!

Enhancing Friendships since 2015,

The 5 For Friends Team

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